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Welcome to KINERXY's WEBSITE!! :D

Home of monsters, critters and more awful stuff

Hey i'm Kin, i'm an artist and bunch of other things, in this website you'll find drawings with blood/gore and possibly nudity, take a look! (wip)

Right now this site is barebones but i wanted to post it so bad LMAO, heres a small to do list that includes the stuff i'm planning to add.

update log

17-07-24 Finished the Bestiary!

04-07-24 Finished the mobile friendly version (which is just a customized linktree clone xD)

20-06-24 Added more images, added more stuff to the sidebar, adjusted colors.

13-06-24 Finished my about me page!

29-05-24Finished the Index, added the about me page

22-05-24 changed a few things and added more stuff, index almost done

21-05-24Remade this site for the 213123th time

Take care

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